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Bei seit 15.06.2014
Realname Elmar Hund

Specialized in individual custom orders and contract projects Every painting is a unique work of art. I alternates mainly oil, and acrylic colors on canvas, and uses only high quality Bavarian wood frames for the structure. So I like to integrate real 24 karat gold leaves into my works. Every painting has a “3rd dimension” decorative surface with crystal-clear epoxi-systeme-resine, applied in a special viscous condition. Changing effects are generated by particular treatments of the paint-layers, and through heat, deaerator, aluminum powder, bronce or brass. I use natural or mineral pigments like lapislazuli or aquamarin. This complex process needs actually different methods of creation, which are mainly determinated by temperature and time of processing, producing unique optical effects. The priming coats are put on consequently in individual layers, beginning with one color. Then, when dried, are covered by a repulsing lacquer. The final ground is applied by drying, with the final effect of a pearl appearance. The result is unique every time. The use of different ground material is part of the design concept, like Cotton DL, rough structure (300g/m2), or cotton SL, a very thin canvas (230 g/m2), or poly-canvas (340g/m2), which is very stable and elegant, or authentic wooden panels. All structure frames are cut out off real wood from German forests, mainly Bavarian and High Black Forest trees, and of no industrial production. This is a guaranty of the highest quality, cut on order in distorst and resinous free wood for a studio quality. All frames are hand made, and the canvas is mounted individually by myself.

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