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The pleasure act

Katharina Dustmann from Germany and her project “Sound of Colors” Composer, musician, and painter Katharina Dustmann works on abstract paintings and parallel on accompanying music exclusively composed to selected paintings. The synergy of art and music is the focus of her work since 1989. In her own music and production studio “Studio Katharco" she creates film and theater music as well for her own multimedia productions: With the foundation of KD-ART-MEDIA in 2018, she opens a new exciting field of work, the synesthetic art form – Sound of Colors (KlangBilder): In her paintings, she combines expressive worlds of color that develop in a way that is based entirely on the painterly process. A painting that is non-figurative and without rules, non-conceptual, far from pressure to perform, and overambitious. Inspired by music, rhythm, and the beauty of colors, she goes into a fantastic free performing on canvas. Her mostly large-scale color compositions evoke associations, moods, landscapes, or forms that only seem to come from reality. With the idea of C.G. Jung, the unconscious act in the second level, and the resulting image of each individual, she challenges the audience to find out their own story. This also gave rise to the idea: You also have to hear the painting! A combination of visual and auditory art forms – Transformation – Moving Art. Music as transformation, inspirations, spiritual encounters, and lustful feelings – lines and colors become scores and sound. It opens the visitor and art lover a changed view of the artworks – a simultaneous intensive feeling of the music, lines, and colors – of the creative forces of several artists and art forms – A forward-looking corresponding work of art is brought to life here.

Von Katharina Dustmann

Hinzugefügt am 10.08.2021

150 x 150 x 5 cm (h x b x t)

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