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Cloud - Felhö

My art works are the "by-products" of asking questions and answering them with paints. With this picture, I wanted to visualize my current answer to the question: How it is being forced over our life stations to run over "our fires" to clean ourselves inside and out? Actually, I could give a second title: Purgatory. I hope, the viewer can feel and see the beauty of this proud, beautiful, healthy horse. It is a real Akhal Teke named Cloud. I know this beautiful animal, and his painted movement presents delicacy, daintiness but a consciouss power without any agressivity. I tried to express modesty with awareness. Last but not least, I was inspired by pictures of The Horsehead Flame Nebula in my color combinations and their symbolic meaning is "sewn" into my #wine #painting with each stroke of the #paintbrush. Size: 120 W x 100 H x 3 cm

Von Judit Nagy L.

Hinzugefügt am 02.12.2019

Material: Painting: Gouache, Acrylic, Impasto gel, Wine, Soil on Canvas, Wood, Other.

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Preis: 8,000.00 CHF

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