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Biographie Njasik

Bei seit 07.08.2014
Realname Njasik Touch

“Art captures a moment of feelings“ says Njasik Touch. Njasik belives that beauty is alive, ever-present and always vocal. All it takes for us to hear, see and become part of beauty`s dialog is a slight change in our angle of preception. Njasik was born in Turkmenistan. She grew up in Ashgabad, the City of Love. She finished Medical School in Moskow and moved to Germany to further her medical education. Her culture is steeped in the beauty of her native country, Turkmenistan, a country of majestetic mountains, gaunt deserts and eastern traditions. Njasik`s Art reflects this triangle of being: the cold of the snow-capped peaks, the searing and relentless heat of the desert and the joy of her city Ashgabad. Njasik Touch (her name translates as Tender Touch) is a medical Doctor and works at her private office in Munich, Germany. She practices General Medicine, Pain Management, Naturopathy and Manual Therapy. She also teaches Su Jok at Su Jok Germany Academy. She loves to paint She loves to heal She loves to teach Her biggest wish More Information:

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