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Biographie Patrascu

Bei seit 06.06.2016
Realname patrick patrick patrascu

About PATRASCU patrick instinctive and creative genius, the poet of colors! the soul of pictorial writing PATRASCU Patrick was born in France   also a painter Romanian father and a German mother. Very young, he was inspired by the paintings of his father, he began to draw. At 17, a Parisian artist surprised by his drawings going to see his work and invited to exhibit at the new salon in Paris, unsure of the quality of his work he never gets to paris ...... Self-taught, he has kept the simplicity of a so-called "instinctive" phrase .or pictorial writing is balanced by a color palette in warm tones. His canvases or panels painted in oil, congregate living, nature and relate specific worlds, full of symbolism and questioning. Worlds that are mere footprints this existential problem at all each Plans in deep perspective massed forms to look full of uncertainty, frozen in the fabric of time and society in the evanescence of life, they seem to scan the invisible; the invisible what the next day What man before himself? What he actually perceives its surroundings? How thoughts, memories and those of others they turn into images in his mind? The artist PATRASCU Patrick, in his work, refers to the unconscious, the hidden parts of an invisible reality to the eye but tangible for the mind. Of timeless images, a journey of reflection on the human, condition and nature. In his painting we must take the time to listen, to watch his compositions, only then will feel the depth of his work ... ..   ? ?event: ? - 2007 : price of the painting from the city of maizièrre les Metz ?- Personal exposure to FORBACH ?- Personal exposure to volklingen (germany) - 2010 : price of the painting from the city of FORBACH? ?- Biennial colmar? - Biennial Dieuze - 2012 - Autumn Exhibition in PARIS - ELAN  DART Exhibition MONTPELLIER - 2013 ?- Invitation to ART BRUSSELS FAIR - Invitation to the 5th Asia Art Expo (AATS). ?- Selected by the International Committee of the Florence Biennal  2013 ?- Membre du jury de la 13e Biennale de peinture de la ville de Forbach  2014  - ARt Toulouse  - L'arrivage à Troyes - Art3g de Bordeaux - Galerie tetdelart Forbach - Exposition à la galerie d'or et d'art à Chatillon - Art3f de Mulhouse 2015 - 1er salon des beaux art de Neuf Brisac - Galerie de la source Liège 


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