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Biographie Ursula R

Bei seit 30.04.2015
Realname Ursula E Rettich

Born, raised and educated in Germany 1955 Work in Switzerland 1958 Immigrating to Canada, Cassiar B.C. 1963 Move to Burnaby B.C. 1979 Joined The Guild of fabric Art of Vancouver B.C. 1993 Move to Kaslo, B.C. Art studio “4711 Art gallery” 2008 Move to Abbotsford B.C. ” Ursula’s Fine Art studio” 1993 2 years private tutoring in oil and acrylic 1996 Nelson Art center, Deb Peabody 1semester Workshops: Susan Northcot S.F.C.A. Workshops: Figure drawing, Plain Air, Acrylic, Life drawing My work was received well and found collectors in Canada ,USA and in Germany. I received “Award of Excellent” and several Honorable mentions for my fabric Art as well for some selective paintings. 2008 and 2009 nominated for Abbotsford “Arty Award.” I volunteered and was an active member since 1979 for various arts organizations. My last responsibility was 1994 in Kaslo B.C. as a Board member for the Langham Gallery, Vice President, Curator and Exhibition Coordinator. 2001 I stepped down from all activities to be just a member of the arts community.


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